Menu Plan Monday #15

Another week has flown by and I promise I’m not intentionally neglecting this blog!!  Apparently I have to take baby steps, very tiny baby steps.  I think the fact that I’m posting my menu each week is a HUGE accomplishment!    I will sit and write a post right now after I get this done and schedule it to publish tomorrow.  How do you remember to sit and write everything down?  Are you disciplined enough to do it every day or do you write all of your posts at once and schedule them?  What works for you?

This week is usually the week of the month where I have to scrounge meals together from remnants in the freezer.  We’re winding up to payday, so all of our stores will get replenished soon.  Sometimes living on a budget is a little tough, but I like it.  It stretches my imagination a little bit and keeps me busy trying to stay on point.

  1. Enchiladas
  2. Pork Tenderloin, Couscous, and Corn
  3. Baked Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli
  4. Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  5. Hamburgers
  6. Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes

What is on your menu? Check out Pa-BLAM!, The Vampire Diet, and Food Allergy Experience for more ideas! And check out Om Nomalicious for some ridiculously amazing recipes!

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One thought on “Menu Plan Monday #15

  1. I sit down and write on whichever day I’m going to write the post. Sometimes I just leave it open all day and write a little bit at a time. Sometimes it doesn’t get done until the next day.

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