March Blogging Challenge: Day 26



I honestly can’t pick just one favorite food.  I love it all!  My mom raised me to eat pretty much everything (I ate spicy Mexican food and salads as far back as I can remember) and now, especially in the last year, I’ve branched out and I will eat anything.  I suppose that it would be easier to say that I won’t eat organs like menudo and tripe, liver, tongue, brain, eyeballs, or something equally gross.  Aside from that, I say bring it on!

I love to try new recipes and new things in the kitchen too.  Any suggestions?



2 thoughts on “March Blogging Challenge: Day 26

  1. I’ve always thought of myself as an eat anything type of girl. But my sister-in-law travels a lot to Asian countries for work, and she eats a lot of things I would struggle to eat.

    Have you ever had crocodile?

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