March Blogging Challenge: Day 21



My biggest irrational fear is probably dark bathrooms.  I cannot be in a bathroom without flipping on the switch, no matter the time of night or day.  If a bathroom is too dark I will not use it.  Once, in the old condo building that Dave was living in when I first moved in with him, I had to do laundry in the basement.  Well, there was a bathroom down there and I really needed it but when I walked in, the lights were broken and it was so dark!  I ended up huddling over my cell phone for the light and prayed that nothing would happen.  I suppose it stems back to when I was in elementary school and I was over at a friends house and they pulled the Bloody Mary joke on me and locked me in the bathroom after screaming Bloody Mary three times.

My biggest rational fear is something happening to the people I love the most, Charlie, Dave, Pam and her family, and all of my close dear friends.  I love them all to pieces and I would be heartbroken if anything happened!



2 thoughts on “March Blogging Challenge: Day 21

  1. My irrational fear is being abducted by aliens. When I was little, I had to be completely covered or the aliens were going to get me.

    My rational fear is the same as yours!! Except, replace ‘pam’ with ‘megan’ haha.

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