Menu Plan Monday #9

So I messed up on a couple of meals last week.  When I went to make the spaghetti, I decided on a whim to add meat to the sauce.  Little did I realize that it was the last pack of meat in the freezer and I needed it for my stuffed peppers!  Oops!  So I punted and dug out a pork tenderloin for a quick meal.  And over the weekend, we made some large meals so now we have leftovers to last us through this week.

  1. Stuffed Peppers leftovers
  2. Chicken, Sausage, and Potatoes leftovers
  3. Tofu Stirfry
  4. Beef Stroganaff with egg noodles
  5. Homemade pizza with mushrooms, tomato, onion, bell pepper, and zucchini (plain cheese for Charlie, of course)
  6. Burritos and/or tacos

What are you having this week?  Check out Pa-BLAM!, The Vampire Diet, and Food Allergy Experience for more ideas!  And check out Om Nomalicious for some ridiculously amazing recipes!

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