March Blogging Challenge: Day 17


I began blogging with this blog in the end of last year, and I’ve been trying to become more disciplined with it.  I’ve tried blogs before but I haven’t had much to say or didn’t really know how to say it.  I’m breaking out of my shell more and more these days though, so I hope to keep going.  I have had a personal private journal online for almost 10 years now though, so most of my shell is trying to balance what should be and can be said out loud to a public audience.  I guess the main reason why though would be that I feel like my life and adventures should be documented.  I’ve experienced a lot so far and hope to add to it in the future, and I’d like to share my experiences with anyone who will read them.

Writing has never really come easily to me; in high school and college I hated essays and papers.  There were always too many formatting rules for me to keep track of and no one really explained to me that it was okay to branch out of the “For example, ___” and “This shows that ___” templates that were always handed out.  I always wished I could be a writer.  I think it’s fascinating.



One thought on “March Blogging Challenge: Day 17

  1. I’m right there with you. I never truly enjoyed writing and I found essays to be pure torture. This challenge has really helped me stretch those muscles!

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