March Blogging Challenge: Day 7 (and 8!)

Oops!  I promise I had Day 7 done and ready, I just got distracted doing surveys and playing Little Alchemy, so I forgot to hit publish.  Sorry!  So you get a two-for-one today.


Day 7:  I suppose I haven’t quite figured that out just yet.  I have several interests that I could see myself going back to school for, but right now I’m pretty happy being a mommy and housewife.  I know that might seem to “set me back” as a woman, but oh well.  I like cooking in the kitchen and I like raising my daughter, managing the finances, and doing everything to keep the home running.  It’s what I can contribute to my little family and I’m pleased to do it.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t go get a job if it’s necessary.  I’d just rather not.

Day 8:  I guess as far as pet peeves go, the worst is people being ignorant and arrogant.  Another one is being interrupted; I sometimes have trouble articulating myself and getting thoughts out, so being interrupted is really annoying and frustrating to me.  Items in stores that don’t have price tags and there is never an employee around to ask; guess you didn’t really want me to buy it.  Being rushed at the checkout line; would it kill people to slow down for 10 additional seconds so other people can put away their money/wallets before leaving the store?  Bad drivers.  Also, some texture issues; for example, the feeling of nail files (or sandpaper) or the sensation of dragging nails on certain surfaces, but not the noise.




4 thoughts on “March Blogging Challenge: Day 7 (and 8!)

  1. Definitely the checkout one! I would think other women at least would understand how hard it is to keep our purses organized as it is! LOL

    Nice post!

  2. First, I have a little time on you so let me say – do what you love and make no apologies for it – ever. The only person’s who opinions matter are those you love and who love you back. Period. I know people get all excited about whether women should work or not work but I think it just more of our culture’s obsession with being “right” – whatever the heck that means. I went to school for a very long time and I’ve almost always had a career – because that’s what I’m good at and what I like to do. For about 2 1/2 years, I stayed home caring for my father. At the end I was thrilled to go back to my career – but my daughter? Not so much. I never had a stay at home mom so I have no idea how that would feel but my daughter told me it felt good when I was home as she got there from school. I really thought that was odd but as I said, I had no past experience to pull from. Do what you want when you want and when people make comments, there’s no need to defend it – That makes ’em REALLY mad! 🙂

    • I agree. I think our culture is way over obsessed with being “right” and looking down on those that “aren’t.” I think if we all just started focusing on a little love and compassion instead of finding flaws in everything, it would be a better world.

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