Menu Plan Monday #7

Happy Monday!  I’m staying on track (so far!) with my blogging challenge, so yay for that!  We had a really great weekend with the amazing and lovely Pam and her family at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I mentioned it yesterday in my post about happiness, but here’s a quick recap for you.  First Sundays of the month is Pay What You Wish, so it’s a good way to see the museum if you’re on a budget.  It’s definitely worth the entire price of admission though.  We had an awesome time!

Okay… Meal plan time!  We have a special event coming up this week-it’s Pam’s birthday, so we’re having a small get-together at her house on Saturday, so this meal plan includes those plans!  I’m so excited.  Plus, I’ve been working on a top secret project that has her name on it that I’m super excited about.  More details about that next week!

  1. Lasagna Soup (I know, I know… I’m finally making it tonight though.  I’ve pushed it back long enough!!)
  2. Homemade Pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, and bell pepper
  3. Baked Potato Night
  4. Meatloaf with gravy, Mashed Potatoes, and Peas
  5. Pam’s Birthday-Stuffed Mushrooms (slight variation, I’m making a lot more than 12 and I’ll be using sausage for half the batch and crab for the other half.  They will be SO good!) and Pink Lemonade Cake.  I made that cake for my daughter’s birthday last year, and every chance she gets, Pam talks and raves about it, so it’s only fitting that she get one for her birthday too!

What are you having this week?  Check out Pa-BLAM! and Food Allergy Experience for more ideas!  And check out Om Nomalicious for some ridiculously amazing recipes!

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #7

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  2. Om nom. I’m so excited for the lemonade cake, hahahaha. Your menu plan sounds pretty delicious, too! Daniel keeps asking for homemade pizza, and I keep forgetting! I want to try the cauliflower crust that I saw on Pinterest… so remind me next week 😉

    Awww. I’m excited for my special surprise, but you didn’t have to do anything for me! <333

    • The crust I use is a recipe that came with my food processor. I’ll write it down and give it to you!! It’s super easy.

      A cauliflower recipe sounds amazing though. 🙂

      Psh…I’m still doing it anyway!! ❤

  3. I still have not decided on what I’m bringing to Pam’s.. better get on that! lol I love baked potatoes.. When I make them as the whole dinner I do BBQ shredded chicken and all the toppings, so yummy! What do you put on yours?

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