March Blogging Challenge: Day 1



It is suddenly March!  Where did February go?  It seems like it went by too fast.  I’ve decided to participate in the March Blogging Challenge (via Fabulous Finds by Tiffany).  So here goes!

Day 1 is a self-portrait and five random facts.




  1. I had never dyed my hair until recently, and I dyed my faded red hair to a copper red.  I’m such a BAMF.
  2. I have one tattoo and two piercings… A mermaid and both piercings are in my ears.
  3. I have lived in four different states-New Mexico, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania.
  4. I hate leaving voicemails.  I tend to ramble uncontrollably.
  5. I’ve never broken a bone.




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