Corned Beef!

This post is intended to tell you about how I am going to corn my own brisket for St. Patrick’s Day, but first… A recipe review!!

I made the Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken I found on Pinterest tonight.  Oh. My.  It was so delicious!  There are a couple of things I did differently though and a few things I’d do differently in the future too.  First, I set my oven temp to 425 instead of 500 like the recipe said, which also means we left it in the oven closer to 45 minutes total.  And I added some soy sauce to the glaze to thin it out.  The glaze could have used a little more liquid (in my opinion), since it candied right as I poured it onto the chicken, even though I thought I added enough liquid.  After I saw the goopy (goodness) of the brown sugar and garlic, I decided to sprinkle more brown sugar and drizzled a little more soy sauce on top.  It was so, so good!

For future times, I’d do the same as I did tonight only I might just double the glaze recipe or maybe add some honey to it.  Enjoy it, it was really good.  I served mine with roasted carrots (done in the same pan, drizzled with the same glaze) and brown rice.  Next time I might just nestle the carrots/veggies down in the pan under the chicken so they soak up all the glaze.  Mmm.

Anyway.  This year I am attempting to brine my own brisket for St. Patrick’s Day dinner!  Growing up, we had Corned Beef and Cabbage every year to celebrate the holiday.  My mom usually did it with the pre-packaged brisket, but a couple of times she made it herself.  It was better than the pre-packaged by far.  I have never done it myself, but after a year of cooking and learning a lot of things, I’m ready to do this.  I’ll be following Alton Brown’s recipe, and brining for a little over two weeks.  We found all the spices we needed at a Mexican grocery store for $1.50 a bag, except for Juniper Berries and Mustard Seeds, and I think it will be just fine without them.  I have dry mustard I can add to the brine if needed.

Maybe I’ll also make some Irish Soda Bread!  Who knows?  I’m feeling ambitious.


2 thoughts on “Corned Beef!

  1. I want to make Irish Soda Bread!! I’m not going to brine my own corned beef because I’m not that motivated, haha. I will come over and eat yours though. Hows that for inviting myself for dinner 😉 Hahaha. Jk jk.

    I need to make that brown sugar chicken stuff. It looked AMAZING on Pinterest. I’ll probably follow your suggestions, though 😉

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