Menu Plan Monday #5

Happy Monday!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t hate Mondays.  It means that Dave has started up his workweek again, but for me and Charlie, it is just another day filled with watching Netflix and playing.

Here is my plan for the week!!  It’s going to be hard to top last weeks’ meals though!  I’m excited to try.

  1. Chicken Broccoli Alfredo (I’m going to attempt to make my own Cream Of Anything Soup mix!)
  2. Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes
  3. Lasagna Soup
  4. Baked Pork Chops with Cheesy Zucchini
  5. Swedish Meatballs
  6. Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken with brown rice and veggies

What are you having this week?  Check out Pa-BLAM!Mama To Three Little Birds, and Food Allergy Experience for more ideas!  And check out Om Nomalicious for some ridiculously amazing recipes!

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6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #5

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that garlic brown sugar chicken since I first saw it on Pinterest. Let me know how it is! I’m definitely making those chicken thighs you made last week, haha. Om nom nom nom nom!!!

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