Weekly Roundup!

This past week has been busy!  I didn’t really do anything super important, but it seems like the week has gone by too fast.  I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening again already.  I love my weekends.  It means I get to spend amazing quality time with my family and friends.  I just wish there were more hours in the day sometimes.

We met up with Pam, Dan, and Trinity at the Delaware Art museum this afternoon to take advantage of their free admission Sundays.  It was a really good museum, we will definitely be back.  I particularly liked the illustration gallery and the sculpture garden outside.  We would have spent more time out looking in their labyrinth if it hadn’t been so windy and cold!

I wanted also to do a recap of my menu from last week and gush about how amazing all the food and recipes were!  Seriously.  We ate like royalty all week and it was so nice.  It’s even more gratifying that we do it on a budget and still end up with some amazing meals.  I cannot say enough how amazing my Bacon Onion Mac n Cheese was, or how tasty the Crispy Chicken with Potatoes came out.  And our Valentine’s meal of Roast Pork, Potatoes, and Green Beans (inspiration) with Chocolate Cherry Lava Cakes for dessert was divine.  I hope you all try those recipes out at some point.  You’ll thank me later, I promise.

I posted earlier in the week about the March Blogging Challenge and I am excited to get started!  There is still almost two weeks to go though!!  I figure I can’t leave this hanging until then, so I will try to post more between now and then.  Another thing I’m doing (or attempting to do) is participate in a Reverse Lent project, inspired from The Anti-Craft.  I’m interpreting it to mean you just do something new or exciting to add to your life.  So I’m intending to be more crafty and to try to blog more.  Plus, this will help get my butt in gear and maybe get some stuff going for an Etsy shop. 

So, along with that, I’ve been trying to craft a little something every day.  Right now I’m working on a top-secret project that involves flowers, so I’ve been working on that.  I’m hoping that I can cram in a few projects and work on them over the course of the next 40 days.  Life is so much better with crafts in it.  My goals right now are:

  • finish some top-secret projects
  • start a crocheted food stash for Charlie and her kitchen
  • finish up some embroidered finger puppets for Charlie
  • possibly making an Easter/Spring wreath
  • start an embroidery project (or two)

How was your weekend?  I’m off to make Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese for dinner!!  Yum!

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