Blogging Challenge

I found this blogging challenge on Pinterest.  I’m game for trying!!



“31 Day Blog Challenge – March Edition

I hope you’ll join me for my first ever 31 Day Blog Challenge – March Edition. I’ve come up with writing prompts for every day in March. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

The fun starts right here on March 1st. Write a daily blog post for each of the writing prompts above, be creative, and have fun!

Remember to let yourself shine through, after all, this is all about you and your unique voice.

For each day of the 31 Day Blog Challenge I will post a linky here on my blog under my daily blog post by 8 am EST. You can link up your daily posts, blog hop to other participating blogs, meet new people, hopefully make some friends and most of all have fun.

Grab these two images to include in your blog posts.

Don’t forget to tweet your daily posts using #31daymarch”


Will you join me too?


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