Menu Plan Monday #2

So far, so good and I’m on track with Menu Planning!  Well, I always plan it… I just don’t blog about it!

So this week is a little light.  We have leftovers from the potluck last night (which was amazing!) so we don’t need any new meals in the house for a couple of days.  And we had pizza one night, so a meal got pushed forward (can’t resist the $5 pizzas from Little Caesars!).  I fully expect that a couple of these meals will hold us over until next week as well… I like to cook big pots of soup or large meals that feed us for multiple days.  It’s easier that way!  We also have some relatives visiting this weekend (Dave’s family that he hasn’t seen in 30 years!) and we’ll be playing tour guides in Philadelphia.

  1. Leftovers!
  2. Leftover soup (from last week!)
  3. Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes
  4. Chicken and Dumplings
  5. Superbowl Party at Pam’s!  She is making some amazing sounding treats and I’ll be adding this Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread I found on Pinterest.

What’s on your menu?  Need some inspiration?  Check out Pa-BLAM!


12 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday #2

  1. Eat all the leftovers! I always freeze my leftovers and use them in following weeks… that way I have a quick meal if I need it and I don’t get bored, haha. I still have enough ham for two meals, ham broth for one meal, pork roast for 2-3 meals, and a container of sauerkraut in there. OM NOM NOM NOM. Leftovers are amazing!

  2. Oh! I also keep forgetting to tell you because I suck at life lately… but I made your black eyed peas recipe but used ham instead of bacon. I used like 2 cups of diced ham and half a pound of beans. It was delicious served over some steamed broccoli (that soaked up the extra juice!) for a full, healthy meal. I’m making it again soon!

    Also, I made the citrus chicken, and I don’t think I added enough soy. It was way too tart… I might add some honey or brown sugar to balance that out next time 😉

    • Awesome! I have frozen soups before but I usually don’t think about freezing other meals. It helps cut down on food costs for sure if I can get two or three meals out of one.

      And I’m so glad you made the black eyed peas! 😀

      The marinade was supposed to have a tablespoon of soy sauce. How much did you use? And I am definitely thinking of adding some brown sugar/honey to make it thicker, more saucy than marinade.

      • I used 2 tbsp. Hm. My lemons were really juicy. Maybe that was the issue. Adding brown sugar/honey would make it a citrus teriyaki flavor that would be amazing!

      • Hmmm… Yeah, I used 1 cup total liquid… 3/4 OJ and 1/4 lemon; 1 tbsp soy sauce; and then the spices. Maybe you had too much lemon plus soy. It’s definitely easy to tweak though.

        I like more and more the idea of it being a glaze type situation more than a marinade.

      • I think my issue is my orange didn’t give enough juice. I used 1 orange and 2 lemons. So next time 1:1 ration, apparently. Or 2:1.

        I marinaded then cooked the chicken in my grill pan. Every few turns, I’d spoon a few scoops of the sauce on the chicken. It actually ‘glazed’ up that way. If it wasn’t too lemony, it would’ve been awesome!

      • Nom nom. That sounds so good. I definitely love lemon chicken, but the orange makes it a much mellower flavor.

        I love cooking!! I get so excited over little things haha.

      • Also, I used to do a marinade that was teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, water, dry mustard, and mustard. Pretty sure it was all equal amounts. It was a Martha Stewart recipe from many years ago. That came out super glazey and yummy.

      • That sounds yummy!

        The wings I’m making for Sunday have a homemade teriyaki glaze sauce (soy, sugar, and pineapple juice) yum.

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