Tis the season

Hello!!  I promise I haven’t been intentionally ignoring this blog.  I’m bad at taking the few spare minutes I have during the day to jot down notes of what I want to say, so by the time I get to the computer, I am blank.

The holidays have been busy, but this year I tried my hardest to not have them be stressful.  I think it worked because I’m sitting here ready to welcome 2013 with little care or worry.  We donated to our church, both with our time by volunteering with the Interfaith Hospitality Network and with buying presents to support the Adopt-A-Family group.  We have done our obligatory visits to Santa (not in malls, we found several local Santas in their own spaces, free of photo charges, thankyouverymuch) and our daughter was thoroughly traumatized, as it should be.  I made a bunch of crafts, ornaments and shadowboxes, that are simple but beautiful and I have a list of other things to work on for next year.  We spent a day wandering around Philadelphia with our awesome friends, Pam, Dan, and daughter Trinity, and caught the Comcast Holiday Spectacular, Christmas Village, and the Macy’s Light show.  We I had a marathon baking day where I made way too many cookies…I estimate around 25 dozen (and we’ve been eating them ever since).  We hosted a Cookie Cocoa party with lots of wonderful new friends.  We watched Christmas movies while we wrapped our gifts.  And we spend Christmas Eve with our amazing family (Pam, Dan, Trinity, and Pam’s mother), eating wonderful food, exchanging handmade gifts, and playing an epic game of Monopoly.  We celebrated Yule/Solstice by lighting candles at night and Winter arrived just in time for us to have a dusting of snow for a White Christmas.

I feel blessed to have celebrated such a full and joyous season.

Coming into New Year’s Eve/Day celebrations, our plans are to have an epic night that, in our house, we like to call Around The World.  Since the holiday is literally celebrated around the world, we like to have several appetizers from different countries to showcase that fact.  On the menu this year is mini burritos, potstickers, mini pizzas, and Pam is bringing taquitos.  Hey, I never said it was a healthy menu, haha!  At least this year I’m making all the stuff myself instead of hitting up the freezer section of the grocery store.  We will also have plenty of alcohol to go around, so I am excited!

New Year’s Day we are taking the train into the city to see the Mummer’s Parade!  Pam and her family have never been, so we are excited to show them this tradition.

I hope your holidays have been just as merry and bright!  See you in 2013!



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