Deck the Halls!

Our first Christmas together, Dave and I found a German tradition about ornaments that specifies 12 special ornaments to put on your tree to ensure happiness to a newlywed couple in the coming years.  You’re supposed to put all 12 on the first year, but we have dragged it out.  We figured that collecting them together as a couple and throughout our first few years would be more special than getting them all at once (plus, we’re not *technically* married haha).  We’re close to finishing the collection, we only need three more!  We are on the lookout for a rose, flower basket, and fruit basket.  We’ve found them at various places, like flea markets or discount stores or on clearance after the holidays.  It makes it fun and keeps us on our toes all year long looking to complete the collection.

Also, this is the first year we have had a tree.  We haven’t had room in our tiny apartment, so for the last few years we just did a Christmas Wreath adorned with our precious ornaments.

Here’s the list and what they mean:

  • Angel – God’s Guidance in the Home
  • Rose – Beauty and Affection
  • Rabbit – Hope and Faith
  • Teapot – Hospitality
  • Pine Cone – Motherhood and Fruitfulness
  • Santa – Unselfishness and Goodwill
  • House – Shelter and Protection
  • Fruit Basket – Generosity
  • Bird – Happiness and Joy
  • Flower Basket – Good Wishes
  • Heart – True Love
  • Fish – Christ’s Blessing

Another tradition we do is hiding a pickle ornament somewhere on the tree.  This year though, I hid it in the apartment instead of the tree…. Let’s see if Dave finds it!!

What traditions do you have?  How do you decorate your tree?


2 thoughts on “Deck the Halls!

  1. I love this, and I think I might start collecting these ornaments for Daniel and I. It’s never too late to start, right? I should also get a pickle, haha. I’ve been wanting one… but Daniel says we have enough ornaments. Plus, all the pickles I see are breakable. Damn asshole cats would have lots of fun with that 😉

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