Random Acts of Kindness

Wow.  This year I feel so blessed.  I’ve always wanted to be in the position to donate to good causes or help out the needy or just do good things but, unfortunately, I’ve usually been on the receiving end of that kindness and therefore not able to do it for other people.  This year, however, I am making a huge effort to do more.  I feel like I’m finally on my way to repaying the kind deeds, boxes of food left on our doorstep, friends and neighbors that cleaned out their cupboards and gave us food or took us shopping for groceries, people that offered to give us car rides back and forth from the hospital while my dad was going through cancer treatments (since we didn’t have a car at the time), and packages and presents left on Christmas morning that without them, we wouldn’t have had anything to open that year.  As a child and teenager, I was embarrassed to have these things given to us.  I felt like a sore thumb sticking out and I felt like everyone knew that we were going through rough times.  Now, as an adult, I realize that people probably didn’t even notice or care as much as I thought.  We were lucky to have people that cared enough to give us things.

This year, as I mentioned in my last post, we have decided to give more to others this holiday season…we may be struggling, but honestly we don’t need anything and I hate the commercialism of Christmas anyway, so what extra we have is going to programs at the church. The first, Adopt-A-Family, the church sponsors 7 families and the goal is to get them gift cards for groceries, fill a box of food, get clothes and toys/gifts for them. So we pulled two of the kid’s names down and bought some toys. And the other, the Interfaith Hospitality Network, where several churches in the county participate in hosting and supporting homeless families for a week at a time, giving them hot meals, place to sleep overnight, and teaching them job skills during the day. We signed up to host dinner on Christmas Day. Someone else is cooking and then someone else is coming to stay overnight with them. More info here about the two programs.

Today, my friend Pam and I spend doing Random Acts of Kindness at a local hospital and mall.  I hope all the “random strangers” enjoyed our good deeds!  It feels so good to be doing such wonderful things!

I hope that everyone is filled with Love, Harmony, and Peace this holiday season.

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