Countdown to Christmas!

That time of year is upon is… The season of joy, delight, giving, generosity, and wonder.  In the past I have focused on trying to budget and plan and make the most of the holiday.  This year however, I’d like to just enjoy it.  Money is tight (as it is for many families) but there is plenty to do that is free!

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (it’s one of my vices… I’m an addict) and I found many ideas for advent calendars.  We aren’t that religious and we don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, so an advent calendar with the story of Christ isn’t really fitting for our family.  Plus I want it to be more about the season and the whole month and getting out to do Christmas-y things in our area, like driving around to look at Christmas lights or going around sipping hot chocolate at Christmas Village in Center City Philadelphia, visiting the Macy’s Christmas Light Show (and Dicken’s Village).  And, of course, trying to provide for the needy.  Our church has an Adopt-A-Family group where we sponsor seven families and give each of them presents, food, and clothes so we decided to help out and get some toys for a couple of the kids.  Dave’s work also partners with an organization called Angel Tree (it’s a local group… not the one that comes up on Google to provide for families of prisoners, but that sounds like a good group too) where they also sponsor families and provide presents, food, and clothes.  If we have some extra money, we’ll give to that group too.

As our little family grows, I’m sure this list will grow and change with us, but I think this is a really good start and hopefully it will inspire us to not limit ourselves to just the month of December in our joy and generosity.  How are you going to spend your holiday season?

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 11.36.19 AM

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Countdown to Christmas (download)


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas!

  1. I love this idea! Did you make that calender, or did you steal it from somewhere. I might make my own next year… it’s definitely too late for me to try to organize one this year. We’ll totally jump in on some of your plans, though!!

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